Monday, December 19, 2011

Magic Snowman

Our class wrote magic snowman stories after reading about a lot of different snowmen.
Here are some of their stories.

The snowman is magic because it is magic.  It can move and it has magic.  If it didn't have magic then it couldn't move. By Cale

There was a girl, a snow girl, and her name was Lizzy.  And her powers are AWESOME, and she likes to play. By Ella

A snowman was rolling up in the snow but the snowman was a pirate and could move and see good and had a treasure check and he stole a ship. By Bryce

My snowman's name is Superman.  Superman's magic is flying.  by Trey

My magic snowmen is Awesome!  My magic snowman is named Ariel and when the sun comes out it melts.  by Kaylee

My magic snowman is magic because it can melt and move and it can be Cinderella and can be still and it is awesome.  By Maddy

My snow girl is named Ella.  Her magic powers is fancy clothes.  by Makenna

There was a magic snowman.  He was in the army.  He fought the bad guys with his buddies.  The good guys won.  The people were saved and thebad guys never came here again.  by Cash

There was a magic snowman with a jet and he flied and flied in the air.  And he took off.  by Brenden

My snowman has magic that is magic.  It is star power than can pretty hair and it's name is Reona and it is pretty.  I like my snowman.  I really like my snowman it is pretty.  I like it a lot.  By Trista

The dinosaur went to the store to buy meat then he had to pay the cashier then he went home to eat it.  By Kamron

My snow girl is Selena Gomes.  She is magic.  She flies too.  I like her because she is awesome.  So Awesome too.  by Ava

My snowman has a nose, a hat and arms and eyes.  And the name is Tosh.  He is a boy. And he is magic.  By Tosh

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