Saturday, April 9, 2011

Balloon Plants

 On Monday, Ms. Lora from the Cass County Conservations came to talk with our class about plants.  We talked about the 4 things that plants need to survive:  Air, Soil, Water, Sun.
 Then we got to plant "Balloon Plants".  First we put soil into the balloons.

Then we added some seeds (Radishes).

 Then we added water.

Then we added air.

 Then we wrote about the steps that we took to make them.

At the end of week 1 we already had sprouts!  At the end of 4 weeks we will transplant them into a window box and continue to monitor their growth.  
Who knew that you could grow plants in a balloon.  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Knock knock....

On the 1st of April, we made a stage and we got up in front of everyone and told some jokes.  We laughed, we laughed some more until we cried and wanted to share some of our first grade humor with you. 
We had a lot of silly underwear and toilet jokes, but here are some good ones.

The last one is by far the best. :)  Summer here we come!
Happy April Fool's Day!

Animals of Iowa book.

This is a work in progress that we have been doing in our science unit on living things.  We are learning about animals where we live, in Iowa, to animals where Mrs. Maxwell's friends live, Australia.  We did our research and wrote our stories using a template.  Some groups had a lot to say.  In converting this Power Point to Google docs, I was unable to figure out how to change the font and size of type, so some of the stories are cut off.  We also had some super cool word art for our titles that didn't transfer through.  Remember these are just the Iowa animals.  Next week we are researching and writing about Australian animals.  We can't wait!