Rock Star Math Centers

This year in Math we are going with a Daily 5 approach.  For 20 minutes to a half hour we will be having whole group math instruction.  Then students will be broken up into groups of 4 and rotate through 5 different math centers.  Those math centers are:

  1. Independent practice:  Students will work on the days lesson with teacher guidance.  Allows for support of the strategies learned in that days lesson as well as some small group work time.
  2. Clipboard math:  Students will work on math facts using paper and pencils on a clip board.  They will practice independently the flash cards they have been working on to help them learn their math facts.
  3. Math games:  Students will work together on math concept board games and/or on the computers playing math games individually.
  4. Flash Cards:  Students will work in pairs to master their math facts, both addition and subtraction through the sums of 18.
  5. Accelerated Math:  Students will work on their Accelerated Math packets, which allows for the extension for those who need it and also extra practice too.  This is completed at students own pace with the skills that they have mastered.  Students don't move onto the next topic until the current topic is mastered.  
When students are done with their independent practice of the days objective they will automatically move to flash cards for the remainder of the center time.  
Centers will typically last 15 to 20 minutes and we will start out doing the centers together as a class.