Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Readers Theater

Due to some students being unable to be on the internet, this post has been removed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

First Snow Recess of the Season!

We had a BLAST playing in the first snow of the season!  The temperature was 14 degrees but felt like 18  The snow time was GREAT!  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What are Santa and Mrs. Claus's jobs?

Another writing project that we have completed is as follows.  Students chose either a Santa or Mrs. Claus face, then created the body.  Each student then wrote what their respective jobs were.  Here are their creations.  It was really cute to read them.  Did you know that Mrs. Claus is there to sew up Santa's seat when he rips it out? Did you know that Santa feeds the elves and the reindeer and he LOVES Oreos?  Or that Santa sells the toys the elves makes to all the toy stores?

Santa's New Suit

We has such a GREAT time Creating our "Not Turkeys" that we made new suits for Santa!  Here are some of our creations.  They also wrote about why Santa had a new suit.
Our Santa suits range from shells to an owl from the Legends of the Guardians, to a Husker Santa. We have ballerinas, a joker, fisherman, farmer, spider-man, a Steelers fan.  One first grader made her Santa into a business man so that he could go to work for her dad so he could stay home and play.

Guided Reading Centers

In Guided Reading we have been working on story elements.  Our reading groups range from level L to level B.  Each group is working on different things.  One group is writing summaries.  They read the book The Hippopotamus Ate my Teacher by Mike Thaler.  

Another group read How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? , this group worked on character, setting, and plot.

This group read the book Jasper and the Birds , they also were working character, setting, plot.

 This final group read Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox,  We talked about what happened in the story and wrote about our favorite parts.