Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW DAY! Time to update!

We have been blessed with a snow day!  Granted the 6+ inches of snow was a little over board, BUT it will make for super fun recesses this week!

Our first week back from our holiday break was AMAZING!  The kiddos were all perfect angels.  We almost got our BRI testing out of the way and are ready to start our 100th day preparations.  On the docket for our fantastically fun celebration are:

  • 100 shirts (hand print shirts for us to wear on the 100th day)
  • 100 collections:  Student create a 100 piece collection from stuff they find at home and glue to the 100s chart.
  • If I was 100 years old pictures and writing
  • 100 word stories
  • 100 minute reading
  • and many more things!

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