Saturday, January 29, 2011

Celebrate good times! Come on! It's a celebration... the 100th day!

I could barely sleep last night anticipating the excitement of our 100th day!  We have been counting down the days and working on some projects to share with our classmates and members of our school. 
On Tuesday, a GREAT volunteer came to my room to help us out!  We made pictures of what we thought we would like like when we are 100 years old and then wrote about it.  Here are a few of our creative creations. 

This was SO fun to see them do and hear their stories.  One student wrote that he will be a Great Grandpa and then he will be in a graveyard and under the ground forever and ever and ever.  I asked him about this, and he said that 100 is more than 86 and so he would be dead, or REALLY REALLY old. 

Another project that we did was 100s collections.  This year I had some VERY creative students!  One student brought in 100 silly bands, we had 100 Thomas stickers, 100 pennies, 100 M&Ms, 100 fruit loops, 100 BB's, 100 gem stones, 100 beads, 100 googlie eyes.  They were all fun to share. 

And THIS is only the BEGINNING of our fun!


These are a few of our classroom models!
We had a whole day of 100s activities. 
We journaled 100 things we have learned in 1st grade. 
We read 100 books (between 4-5 per student)
We were authors/illustrators of our 100s book.
We wrote the room of 100 words we could read and spell.
We put together 100 piece puzzles.
And that was just the morning!!!

 In the afternoon we listened to 100 seconds of music, predicted where 100 steps from our classroom would be, and then measured it.  There was 5 students that came within 5 feet of the actual 100th step. 
We counted by 5s and then by 10s, we rolled some dice, added and made tally marks.  We went on a scavenger hunt for 100 kisses and 100 jolly ranchers.   

And we ate about 100 grams of sugar at our 100s party!

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