Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rainbow cupcakes and St. Patty's Day fun.

Tanner and I got a WILD hair one Sunday morning!  We were excited after we saw a picture of rainbow cupcakes in a parenting magazine and we couldn't wait to try it.  Our school was starting Spring Break on March 17, and I knew that I wanted the kids to have some St. Patty's day fun. 

 Tanner being my helpful helper, he EVEN taste tested them.

 To make them a little more festive, I added some shamrocks.

 After eating our yummy treats, we wrote about our best wish.  Someone wished for a new baby sister, someone wished to grow FASTER, someone wished for a puppy, and half the class wished for all the chocolate in the world!  Then we created our own rainbows and colored our leprechauns.

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  1. I LOVE making rainbow cupcakes! I make them with six colors which takes a lot of time and patience but so worth it when the kids bite into them! I love the rainbows with your leprechauns! So vivid!