Saturday, March 12, 2011

Field Trips.... Late late late I know :(

In the fall we took a field trip to the Cass County Memorial Hospital, while we were there we got to perform a pretend "tonsillectomy".  My firsties got to play different parts, they had SUCH a GREAT time!
Our "parents" meeting with the admissions clerk.
getting our patient comfy in bed
Meeting with the doctor to see about surgery.

Parents "patiently" waiting.
Getting our "patient"s weight.  Such a good nurse in the white coat.
The surgical team putting the patient to "sleep" 

Taking out the tonsils.
We learned a lot about doctors and the hospital and how it isn't a very scary place at all.  We got to eat ice cream after the "procedure" and tour the hospital and even see a new baby!  It was a GREAT time!  

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