Friday, February 18, 2011

The end of the dinosaurs...

Our class has been studying dinosaurs as part of our science unit on living-nonliving and was once living.  We are really working on the terms Questions, Claims, and Evidence. 
For our questions this time we wanted to know more and more and more about dinosaurs, how many kinds there were, how big they were, what they ate, etc.  We have been doing research on the computers and in media center books.  We took a virtual tour of the Museum of Natural History which was SUPER COOL, we tried to get Dr. Scott from PBS to Skype with us about dinosaurs, but he was unable to, BUT he did send us a COOL email to share with the class!  We have watched some clips from PBS's Dinosaur Train and used World Book Web Online Classroom editon to complete our research.  Thursday we finished our section on "was once living".  I broke the students up into groups, Plant eaters, Meat eaters, and Flying dinosaurs.  Let them work by themselves or in pairs on the computers to do research.  I love WBW because you can LISTEN to descriptions instead of just read it.  We really enjoyed exploring the world of dinosaurs!  After our research, each group labeled a digram, each student shared 1 fact that they found and then we shared our creations in the hallway for everyone to see! 

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