Thursday, October 13, 2011

We are Batty about Bats!

 Wednesday, Miss Lora came to talk to us about how cool bats are.  We learned that the smallest bat is the size of a jelly bean.  There is a bat called the bee bat, and that bats like dark places.

 before Lora came we wrote on note cards what we thought we knew about bats.  We got into groups and shared what we knew and then we made a bat chart.  After Lora came we made a "what we learned" chart.  We wrote down something new that we didn't know before, or something that changed our minds about what we thought.  It was GREAT!  Before Miss Lora came 10 kiddos thought bats were birds, 7 kiddos thought bats were, well, bats.  After Miss Lora told us about bats all 17 said that bats are mammals NOT birds!  They don't have feathers, they have hair!

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