Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkeys Turkeys EVERYWHERE but NOT a One to Eat!

While checking out the posts on I came across a SUPER cool project called "The Naked Turkey".  For this project, my first graders took home a turkey and a talk bubble and disguised them and wrote why the turkey shouldn't be eaten for Thanksgiving.

Here are a few of their creations.
My name is Herky.  I have to go to the Iowa Football Game.  Please don't eat me!

I am a gymnast.  I am too flexible to be eaten.

My name is Sweetheart.  I am not a turkey, I'm a present!

Hi, my name is General Collins.  Please don't shoot me so I can fight for the Americans.
My name is Elizabeth.  I do not want to be eaten by no kids because I am nice.

Greetings folks!  My name is Magic Christmas Tree.  If you hug me, presents will pop out.  So come here kids and hug me!  See what you will get!  Merry Christmas!

I am a sheep.  You do not want to eat me.  I taste BAAAAAAAD!

My name is Batman, I am too tough to be eaten.

Hi, my name is Tom Cat.  I don't want to be eaten because the oven is TOO HOT.

Hi, my name is Chiren.  I am a superhero.  Please don't eat me, I am here to fright crime. 

I am not a turkey.  I am a dog.  I wouldn't be a tasty treat to eat.  

I am a secret agent.  I am not a turkey.  I hunt criminals because they are bad.  I work hard at my job.

My name is Cookie and I don't want to be eaten.

Hi, my name is Darth Vader.  I don't want to be eaten because I am Luke's father.

My name is Daffy.  I have lots of feathers.  I have a family to take care of, please don't eat me.
My name is Tom, I have to watch the Hawkeye game this Thanksgiving

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